I depict landscape using black oil color. ‘The Black Landscape’ is an artistic method depicting landscapes using black and white, the most basic technique of drawing. I use thin and transparent black oil color to reveal brushstrokes, employing the contrast of black and white to depict forms and shadows. Painting in the way of black and white drawing, I reinterpret facets of the world. In the world of the Black Landscape, I explore unspecified mountains, sea and ordinary places nearby. Some landscape represents places or events that are not remembered. The idea for this artistic world originates from the concept of the 'archetype of landscape’.
Landscape is an experimental subject for me as an artists to establish own pictorial methodology providing another leap into a world that solely and entirely consists of formative elements. Landscape, reborn as a painting through this process, invites the viewer to imagine beyond the constraints of reality's time. When the boundary between past and present, reality and unreality, moment and eternity become indistinguishable, we are liberated from the limitation surrounding us. This is the ‘landscape beyond time’.

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